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Paraty's Distilleries

The “cachaça” (“Sugar Cane Rum”) produced in Paraty became famous because of its good quality according to Monsenhor Pizarro and others historians. Its socio-economic importance was so great since the 1700s that the city ended up having its own name (Paraty) as a synonym for “cachaça” until the mid-twentieth century.

Paraty currently has 7 Pot-Stills

Paraty currently has 7 Pot-Stills

  • Coqueiro
  • Corisco
  • Maria Izabel
  • Paratiana e Mulatinha
  • Pedra Branca
  • Maré Cheia
  • Engenho D’Ouro

The “Festival da Cachaça” (“Sugar Cane Rum Festival”), culture and flavors happens always in August.

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