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Get to Know Paraty

Surprise yourself with the charms and attractions in Paraty

About Paraty

In the South Coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, between Sea and Mountain there is a hidden treasure nobody can conquer. A beautiful colonial city, considered a National Historical Heritage, preserves until nowadays its countless natural and architectural Wonders. The houses and churches show us a colonial epoch style building and the misterious masonic symbols that adorn its walls and leads us to imagine life in Brazil at that time. Sightseeing in Paraty is a truly “time travel”.

Centro Histórico Paraty

Its area comprises the National Park of Bocaina, the Environmental Protection Area of Cairuçu, where the village of Trindade is located, and the Park Reserve of Joatinga; it also has limits with the State Park of Serra do Mar. So, Paraty is surrounded everywhere by the Mata Atlantica.

The Golden Way

Road built by slaves between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, from the trails Guaianazes Indians, the Royal Road, Gold Trail in Paraty, is well preserved and is surrounded by the exuberance of the Atlantic Forest of the Serra da Bocaina National Park.

Visiting the Gold Road allows to know not only an important piece of engineering, but also a breathtaking ecology and paratiense people with their culture, their past and their present. Waterfalls, ateliers, distilleries, homemade food and more.

This and much more waits for you in Paraty!